Jason Parker-Burlingham (nooks) wrote,
Jason Parker-Burlingham

Try the first

I walk past this fountain when I go to the post office, so I've seen a lot of it lately, but *today* I dropped by when the leaves behind were stunning to behold and the sky was bright and overcast. I zoomed my lens as much as I could, manually focused, metered and panned (without a tripod) to get this. Ten images combined to make it.

What am I unhappy about? Try as I might I can't convince myself it's level and there isn't much scope for fixing it since I didn't pan high enough. I also didn't pan low enough; panning another row below the statue might have enabled me to level it properly. There are no people in it—I have another pan which does have some people in it and I suspect it will make a much better picture. Lastly I think it's destined to be pretty "soft" at high resolution because of the lens used.

But ultimately I think this is probably my best recent picture, hands-down. I also suspect I'll be back to re-take the same image later this week or next, weather permitting.

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