Jason Parker-Burlingham (nooks) wrote,
Jason Parker-Burlingham

Magnetic Spider-Man

Not actual size
Originally uploaded by Nooks

Ann noticed that there was a comic-book superhero exhibit starting up at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester so we took Henry along about two weeks ago and heavily hinted that he might want to take along his Spider-Man. Before we left Ann had the brilliant idea of posing him on the car and getting a few shots, this is one of mine.

We're members of the Museum and get free entry, so we try to go as often as we can.

Not everyone's cup of tea, I know, but I kind of like Henry's neutral expression here, in my memory it's in heavy contrast with his ecstatic expressions as he played at the Museum. There's so many ways it could be read, especially with the somewhat grim (I think) Spider-Man in the foreground.

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