Jason Parker-Burlingham (nooks) wrote,
Jason Parker-Burlingham

Needs more flash

Enigma Detail - #4
Originally uploaded by Nooks

The subject is one I keep coming back to whenever I can: there's an Enigma at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View but at the National Cryptologic Museum in Fort Meade there are two out from behind glass, open for children to mess with. I more or less monopolized this one for several minutes at time. Something about these machines responsible for so much wanton destruction and the birth of the entire study and industry of computation is endlessly fascinating to me.

I had to change the exposure by something like half a stop to get this right and it's still a little dark. There's no camera shake and the focus is good, though. I guess I should have moved the camera just a little and gotten both knobs into same plane, though.

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